Kokeshi ningyo (wooden dolls)

We introduce new Furoshiki design "Kokeshi (wooden dolls)".

 Kokeshi dolls are wooden toys which have been popular since around the Edo Period. Kokeshi dolls were made as souvenirs for people called "Tojikyaku" who were staying at spa to cure disease in the north-east region of Japan.

 "Toji" means taking baths for medical purposes. Also, it used to be an important yearly events to cure severe farm work and communicate with village community in Edo period.

 "Tojikyaku" wanted "Akamono-kokeshi" which was lucky symbol of gods of mountain at that time. They worshiped a gods of mountain as a recovery in body and mind and huge harvest.

 "Akamono" is the toy and/or souvenir which is dyed in red. "Tojikyaku" were willing to bought "Akamono" as a souvenir for children because red used to be a color to protect people from smallpox.   

"Kokeshi" has become popular in Japan and overseas. Why don't you enjoy "Kokeshi" Furoshiki?

kokeshi photo.jpg