As autumn blooms into full glory, it has been cooler day by day.

Town was full of pumpkin goods and so on during Halloween season in Japan.

After that, we will see Christmas illuminations everywhere in town.


By the way, we introduce "Tokanya(十日夜)" this time.

Tokanya is a Harvest Festival on 10th Oct of old lunisolar calendar.

It is not a moon-viewing ceremony. But it is said that it is a good fortune if we can view a beautiful moon at Jugoya and Jusanya and Tokanya.


It is said that God of a rice field come back to mountain after harvesting rice on this day.

We spend making and eating 'mochi' rice cakes. Also we ward moles away, encouraging god of the ground, invoking and hitting the ground with shaved rice-plants.

In some area, people let scarecrows that protect rice field view a moon with an offering.


(Reference:Wikipedia" scarecrows ")


I think this custom is wonderful Japanese one because we have a traditional Japanese idea that Yaoyorozu-no-Kami (eight million deities) reside in Shinrabansho (all things in nature, the whole of creation).


Do you think we can view a beautiful moon on Tokanya?