Protection against disaster, and Furoshiki

There is less than one week till the end of August, and for children their summer vacation will be over very soon.

Hope the heat will soon be over also.


By the way, September 1st is the "Disaster Drill Day(防災の日)" in Japan.

It is a Japanese memorial day and there was the "Great Kanto  Earthquake(関東大震災)" disaster on that day. Also, it is the 210th day from the beginning of Spring according to the lunar calendar, and it is statistically likely that a typhoon would hit Japan on that day.

That is why this day has a warning not to fail to prepare for disasters.


Incidentally, do you know Furoshiki is the special supplies for disasters?

Furoshiki has many uses and is convenient to carry because it can be fold up.

When you tie the end of it and put the plastic shopping bag inside it, Furoshiki becomes a water supply bag.

Also, you can protect your head putting cloths and/or towels into Furoshiki bag.

Furoshiki bag →


Furthermore, it becomes a bandage, a triangular bandage, a baby sling, a baby wrapper, and so on.

There are water repellent Furoshiki and special purpose Furoshiki recently.

Why don't you have your favorite one!