"Tanabata(七夕)"-wishes on the Star Festival TANZAKU

July has been coming. And we have the "Tanabata" festival in this season. 

We once introduced about this before.

Today we talk about wishes on the Star Festival TANZAKU.

TANZAKU is paper cut into strips. Japanese people write their wishes on this paper.

In Edo period, people had decorated bamboo grass with TANZAKU.



Because people, especially children, had practiced calligraphy and learned in "Terakoya" which was like an elementary school in temple (during the Edo period), and they had wished their progress further.

They gathered night dew on the leaves of Taro, they rubbed the Chinese ink using the dew, and then they wrote their wishes with the ink.

At that era, people thought that a Leaf of Taro was a part of umbrella which received heaven sent water.  So it was believed that the calligraphy written by that ink improved. 

That is why writing wishes of progress or dreams is good on TANZAKU.

What do you think? What is your Tanabata dream of this year?