Father's Day

The full blown rainy season has come in Japan.

By the way, the third Sunday of June is the Father's Day.

So, let's talk about it today.



Father's Day was introduced from the USA.


Because Ms. Sonora Smart Dodd wanted to express grateful feelings to her father who reared his six children by himself after the American Civil War, she strongly appealed to the ministers to make the 3rd Sunday of June become a national holiday. And it became a national holiday called "Father's Day" at 1972.

In the USA, people give white roses to their fathers just like Ms. Dodd placed white roses on her father's tomb.


In Japan, this Father's Day has become known since around 1950 by the activity to send yellow ribbon to fathers introduced by Father's Day council in Japan.


Because the color "yellow" has meanings of "the color of protecting body" in England, and "the color of praying loved one's safety" in the USA, they are working to make it more popular.


Why don't you present roses with yellow ribbon to your father on Father's Day with your feelings of gratitude!

Of course, you can wrap them with Furoshiki !!