"Tsuyu(梅雨)"- The Rainy Season

In Japan, very hot days as summer has been continuing recently, however, the rainy season called "Tsuyu" will come soon."Tsuyu" begins in around mid-June, and it lasts till mid-July.  

Today's theme is "Tsuyu". 

Each Kanji character of "梅雨" has a meaning of "fruit of plum()" and "rain()". With origin of the word "Tsuyu", it is said that it is because the fruits of  plum ripen in this season.


In Japan, the hydrangea is the symbol of "Tsuyu", too.

The hydrangea has whitish flowers when it starts blooming, and will change its color little by little. That is why it is called "Shichi-henge(七変化)" meaning various changes, and it is so beautiful.

We enjoy visiting a spot famous for hydrangea called "Ajisai-Dera(あじさい寺)" the hydrangea temple.


We recommend the Furoshiki below such a season of "Tsuyu".