The annual boy's festival called "tango no sekku".

Past several days, it's been very sunny and hot just like early summer.
And the long holiday called "Golden Week" has come now!

May the 5th is "Tango-no-Sekku" which is the boys' festival to celebrate the healthy growth of boys.

We already introduced once on this blog.

We display warrior dolls, miniature armours and carp-shaped streamers called "Koinobori". And eat rice cake wrapped in an oak leaf called "Kashiwa-Mochi".

Why do they Japanese display warrior dolls and carp-shaped streamers?

It is because that the "Worrior" protects boys, and the "Carp" is the symbol of success. (There is a legendary story that the carp climbs a waterfall and then becomes a dragon to ascends into the heaven.)

Then why do they eat "Kashiwa-Mochi"?

They know that the oak (Kashiwa) leaves never fall before its new braird come out.
So, they think that it's the symbol of the continuation of the  family.

Let's image Japanese celebration "Tango-no-Sekku" by our Furoshiki that these elements are designed.