Toji (冬至) ~Ichiyo-raifuku (一陽来復)~

December 22th will be "Toji" which means winter solstice.

Last year, we introduced two customs on that day in our blog.


Today, we would like to introduce "Ichiyo-raifuku" which is another expression of Toji.

This means not only the return of spring/New Year, but also favorable turn of fortune.

In other words, it is said that good things must come again after bad things because the power of the sun will increase again after Toji.

It is great that we take this opportunity to refresh our feeling, isn't it? 


By the way, do you know that Ume(Plum)-pattern can be used in all season?

Most people are apt to think that it is suitable for early spring.

But Ume has often been esteemed as a lucky charm since ancient time, because it will start to bloom first of all in extreme cold, strict environment.

Also, it express "patience" or "beauty and wisdom". 

So you can use Ume-pattern-Furoshiki in all season!!

But you should care Ume-pattern with trees and/or branches, because they are seasonable ones.



Why don't you enjoy Ume Furoshiki to refresh your sprits?