Lucky Charm-Hyotan-

Here comes the season of Beaujolais Nouveau!

Who do you enjoy delicious wine with?

You can watch the way of bottle wrapping on VIDEO-How to use Furoshiki. 

Enjoy wrapping wine bottles with Furoshiki, either!


Today, we introduce one of lucky charms in Japan.

It is the gourd which is called "HYOTAN (瓢箪)" in Japan.

Hyotan used to be popular for charm to protect one from evil and/or bring good luck because its shape is widen-toward-the-end.

Also it is the symbol of the prosperity of the family and/or the descendants, because its vine grows and its fruit shape into a bell. 

Below is Hyotan-patterned Furoshiki.

Hyotan has been used often for Furoshiki and/or Kimono for men. 

So, we recommend this Furoshiki for men!!



Enjoy Furoshiki Life!