The full-blown winter has been coming in Japan, after its early stage.

The color-changing leaves are so beautiful that many people enjoy them. 



Then, today's theme is "Shimotsuki(霜月)" which is eleventh month of the lunar calendar. Each kanji character means "frost (霜)" and "month(月)".

Origin of "Shimotsuki" is that it is the month when we have the first frost of a year.

In addition, November is called "Yukimachiduki(雪待月)" - waiting-for-snow month, and/or "Koukan(向寒)"  - toward to be cold.

Anyway, every each expression has a meaning of the full-blown cold coming.


Furoshiki which we recommend in this season is YUZENZOME KONOMI.

KONOMI(木の実) is "nuts".


Can you image the animals were busy collecting nuts against the winter in this season?

Enjoy this season with Furoshiki !!