Kannazuki (神無月)

It's still hot and humid in Japan this year, it's already October though.


Today's theme is "Kannazuki(神無月)" which is an another name for October (lunar calendar) in Japan. Each kanji character means "god(神)", "of(無)" and "month(月)".


Although there are several views on the origin of the word 'Kannazuki (神無月)'.

One is said "Month of God" because it is a month for people to thank God for the harvest.

On the other hand, the etymological explanation of the term as coming from "Month of no Gods" has become quite deep-rooted.

Because it is said that most of Gods gather in Izumo Province to attend the annual meeting of the deities. So we can say that there's no God except in Izumo.


Well, we introduce Autumn color Furoshiki in this month.REVERSIBLE ASANOHA/SAMEKOMON


Enjoy Furoshiki and autumn season!!