"Noshi (熨斗)"

This weekend, we will have a three consecutive holidays in Japan. And the last day of the holidays is called "Keiro no Hi (敬老の日)": Respect-for-Aged Day. We celebrate the elderly's long life on the day.

We introduced "Keiro no Hi" in our blog last year.


Today's theme "Noshi (熨斗)" relates to a long life. "Noshi" was a thin strip of dried abalone wrapped in folded red and white paper and attached to a gift to show the regard of the giver.


A thin strip of dried abalone was a valuable preservative food because of high nutritive value in the battlefield in middle ages in Japan. As a sign of a long life and long-lasting, in Edo period, people became to use it as a precious gift at happy events.

These days, it is used as an ornament attached to gifts and presents offered on festive occasions.

There is Furoshiki patterned "Noshi" in our online shop.


We think a great deal of giving gifts with the regard of the giver.

Why don't you use this Furoshiki when you gift something to your valuable person?