In Japan, this summer has been exceptionally hot nationwide.

But according to the Lunar Calendar, it's already Autumn.


Today's theme is "Hazuki(葉月)".

"Hazuki" is the name of the eighth month of Lunar Calendar, and it's usually used as the synonym of August.

Each Kanji character has a meaning of "leaf (葉)" and "month (月)".


Although there are some reasons that August has been called "Hazuki(葉月)", I guess the most popular one is  "Haochizuki (葉落ち月) - the month of falling leaves".

In Hazuki, leaves of trees are going to turn red or yellow mostly, and then they will start falling. (There's a famous chanson named "Autumn Leaves".)

Today we introduce Furoshiki that you can feel the cool.


(Nami means "wave" and Moyou means "pattern").                       


This Furoshiki remind us the sea and is suitable for summer!

Enjoy Furoshiki !!