Fumizuki (文月)

Today's theme is the synonym of July.

There are some names of the seventh month in lunar calendar.

"Fumizuki(文月)" is one of them. Each kanji character has a meaning of "letter / sentense (文)", and "month (月)".


We call July "Fumizuki" because we have customs to dance and/or play music, or to read books while being blown by night wind.

And also, "Fumizuki" is said that it's the shortened word from "Hofumizuki (穂含月)" which means the time when ears of rice swell.


Today we introduce Furoshiki which is called " TANGOCHIRIMEN YUZENZOME UKIYOE TANZAKU-BIJIN".

"Tanzaku" is an oblong card which was used when people write a tanka(poem) or a haiku(rhyme).

How do you think? It is beautiful, isn't it?



Enjoy UKIYOE and Furoshiki!!