Today's theme is "Minazuki(水無月)".

"Minazuki" is the name of the sixth month in Lunar Calendar, and it's usually used as the synonym of June.

Each Kanji character has a meaning of "water (水)", "no/less (無)" and "month (月)".

It simply means "Water-less month", because "Minazuki" comes after rainy season.

But someone says there's another reason.

People will irrigate rice fields for the preparation of planting rice, so there would be very little water rest. This is the other reason of  the name of "Minazuki".

Anyway, "Minazuki" has a deep relationship with water.


We recommend this Furoshiki "YUZENZOME AMAOTO" today.




 This Furoshiki pattern looks like an animal face wrapping a bottle.

Changing image of pattern after wrapping something is one of characters of Furoshiki.

How do you think?