June Bride

The story that the bride who got married in June would be living happily ever after is very famous in Japan, too.

Many magazines report feature articles of "Wedding" in this season.
In Japan, it is said that the first Sunday of June is "a propose day".
It is enacted by All Japan Bridal Association.

Furoshiki had been used as one of trousseau since Edo Period.
There're several patterns that means auspicious in group - "Tsuru-Kame (鶴亀: Crane and Turtle)" and "Sho-Chiku-Bai (松竹梅: Pine, Bamboo and Plum)".
Parents pray for their daughter who have got married to be happy.
There's also a Furoshiki which has a pattern of Chinese phoenix.It's often used in the wedding.

Chinese phoenix is an imaginary sacred bird which is a symbol of peace.
Chinese pheonix is called "Hou-Ou". In Kanji characters we write "鳳凰".
"Hou" is male and "Ou" is femail.