"Satsuki(皐月)" and "Ayamezuki(菖蒲月)"

These days in Japan, the color of the leaves on trees turn to young green from brownish. It is called the season of fresh verdant. They make us feel refreshed and clean.


Today's theme is the synonym of May.

There are some names of the fifth month in lunar calendar.

"Satsuki(皐月)" is one of them. Each kanji character has a meaning of "rice offered to God(皐)", and "month(月)". May is called it because rice has been planted in this season.

Also, "Satsuki" is shortened from "Sanaezuki(早苗月)" which means the time when sprouts of rice planted.

There are many name of month in old Japanese related to rice farming.

In addition, "Ayamezuki(菖蒲月)" is also the synonym of May.

"Ayame" is the name of flower - iris which bloom in May.

Furoshiki and/or Japanese item which pattern is "Ayame" is popular in this season.

We introduce a facecloth today.


TENUGUI(Facecloth) AYAME(Iris)


You can enjoy facecloth as same as Furoshiki, wrapping goods, plastic bottle and so on! Let's try!