Uzuki "卯月"

In Japan, almost all schools and companies start the new year and welcome new students or employees in April.


Today's theme is "Uzuki(卯月)". "Uzuki" is used as the synonym of April, and it's the name of the fourth month in lunar calender.

Each kanji character has a meaning of "deutzia(卯の花)", and "month(月)".

April is also called ""Unohanazuki(卯の花月) because deutzia is full bloom mostly in "Uzuki".

This is the only month that has a flower name.


There are many Furoshiki which has flower patterns.

How about using those Furoshiki in this flower season?

Today, we introduce "Universal Furoshiki" which has a slit on every four corners.

You can use this Universal Furoshiki to wrap without tying.

Wow, it's so easy to use!!



universal furoshiki nuno.jpguniversal furoshiki.jpg


This is very useful as a carrier bag! Try it!