Today's theme is "Yayoi(弥生)".

March has another name "Yayoi(弥生)" which had been used as the name of the third month in lunar calendar.

Each kanji character has a meaning of "more and more"(弥), and "to grow"(生).

This is because many plants start to grow in "Yayoi".


March is called also "Kagetsu(花月)" or Yumemizuki(夢見月).

The name "Kagetsu" means "the month of flowers", because in this month, we can see peach blossoms and/or cherry blossoms comes out after plum blossoms.

And, the reason why it is called "Yumemizuki" is because we feel sleepy in accordance with its warmth.

Anyway, we can associate spring-coming with them.

We think it is good for you to use pastel shades Furoshiki as such times, and in the latter half of March, we recommend you to choose Cherry-blossoms Furoshiki.

How about the Fursohiki below?