"Momo no Sekku(桃の節句)"

March 3rd of lunar calender is one of the "Go-Sekku (five seasonal festivals)" called "Joshi(上巳)".

It is also known as "Momo no Sekku", and it's primarily for girls in "Go-Sekku". ("Momo" means "Peach Blossoms".)

On that day in Heian period, people went out to pick herbs in the hills and fields, and they had the herbs praying their health.

In Muromachi period, "Momo no Sekku" became to be fixed to March 3rd, and people had begun to cerebrate that day with gorgeous dolls called "Hina Ningyo".



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It is said that "Momo no Sekku" had been an amulet and praying for health for the noble girls originally, and then it had widely spread to the common people as "Hina Matsuri". It is because "Momo no Sekku" is to pray growth in a good health for the girls, we have to keep to cherish it for all our sakes.


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