"Kisaragi(如月)" or "Umemizuki(梅見月)"

These days are the coldest days in a year in Japan.

On top of it, we had much more snow in this winter than the usual.

But the spring is coming right after "Setsubun". I wrote about it in the last blog. I hope you remembered.


Today's theme is the synonym of February.

February was called "Kisaragi(如月)" or "Umemizuki(梅見月)" which was the name of the second month of the year in lunar calender.

The word "如月(Kisaragi)" has another notation of "衣更着(Kisaragi)". "衣更着" has a meaning of wearing extra layers of cloths because it's still cold in February.


The other synonym of February "Umemizuki" comes from the blooming of the "Ume(梅)" - plum blossoms.

The plum blossoms come out in early Spring even if it's still cold, earlier than the other flowers like "Sakura(桜)" - cherry blossoms.

And it makes "Ume" a popular symbol which means auspicious such as strength and the long life.


We have some Furoshiki, "UME" series.

My favorite one is below:




This mekes me happy because its color is beautiful and the pattern is cute.

Which one is your favorite in "UME" series?