Furo(風呂) and Furoshiki(風呂敷)

In Japan, we get warm by taking a hot bath.

Today, we'd like to introduce the close relation between "Furo" and "Furoshiki".

Furoshiki has the origin of its name after Furo.

The word "FURO" means "bath", and "SHIKI" means "to lay".


In Muromachi period, the shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu (1358-1408) built the "Oyudono" - a large bathhouse - to entertain the military commanders.

The commanders wrapped thier garments in a square cloth decorated with their family crests which made them easy to find their own things.

In Edo period, in accordance with the increase of bathhouses called "Sento", the square cloth became known as "Furoshiki".

It was because people lay the square cloth as a bath mat after taking a bath.


Why don't you use the reversible KAMON when you go to a hot spring or a public bath? ("KAMON" means a family crest.)


Reversible Furoshiki KAMON

Furoshiki kamon.jpgKamon bag furoshiki.jpg


Also, we have Reversible Furoshiki Bag KAMON.

Kamon bag.jpg

 This item is very useful because it has handles to carry.


There are many ways to enjoy Furoshiki !