"Seijin no Hi (成人の日)" , celebrating the young people!

In Japan, it's freezing every day.

This weekend, we have "SAN-RENKYU" - three-consecutive-holidays - including a National Holiday.

This National Holiday is called "Seijin no Hi (成人の日)".

"成人" means adults, and "日" means a day, so "Seijin no Hi" means "Coming-of-Age Day". It comes on second Monday of January every year.

In "Seijin no Hi", we celebrate the people who are going to be (or some people are already) 20 years old during this year.

The people who have reached the age 20 get the right to vote, and also they become to be allowed to smoke and drink alcohol.

Ceremonies will be held in every city, town and village. The many young people participate in a ceremony wearing Kimono or Hakama, and their family and friends celebrate their independence.

Why don't you use this Furoshiki to celebrate the young people?


Reversible Furoshiki ARAISO / ASANOHA


The pattern on the left side of Furoshiki is called "ARAISO" and the right side is called "ASANOHA".

"ARAISO" represents carps which leap and dance in a torrential river.

In an old saying, a carp tries to climb up a waterfall, and once it reached the top of the waterfall, it would become a dragon.

This pattern has been used as symbol of auspicious such as success.

Also, "ASANOHA" represents hexagons looks like a cross section of a hemp leaf. Hemp is very strong and grows rapid, so this pattern has been very popular for wishing growth.


You can send alcoholic drinks such as wine, beer or something wrapped in Furoshiki to the young people.


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