Toji "冬至"

This year, December 22th will be "Toji" (冬至).

It means winter solstice and we'll have the longest night in the year.

In Japan, we have two famous customs on that day. One is "taking Yuzu-Yu"(柚子湯) and the other is "eating pumpkin."

"Yuzu-Yu" is a hot citron bath.

It is said that we won't catch a cold because Yuzu-Yu can make our body hot and keep it for a long time.

This custom has been continuing since Edo period.

"Eating pumpkin" is also a custom since middle of Edo period.

They thought that pumpkin was the only vegetable which had vitamin in winter in the middle of Edo period.

Why don't you try Japanese customs!


Furoshiki: Pumpkin !