"Bonenkai" season is coming!

We have only several days till December.


We Japanese will have a year-end-party called "Bonenkai" mostly in December.

Bonenkai is written as "忘年会" in Japanese, and it means the party for forgetting the year.

We will hold a party to forget unpleasant memories of this year, and to welcome the new year with a fresh and serene mind.

Bonenkai is usually held among office colleagues and/or business acquaintances.


Besides, we send year-end-gifts to people to whom we want to express our appreciation.

Those gifts all called "O-Seibo(お歳暮)".

How about to send an "O-Seibo" to someone who is very precious for you this year?

Of course you should use Furoshiki to wrap them, because Furoshiki expresses your special thanks.


We reccomend this Furoshiki!

This pattern has meanings of pure, noble and virtuous, so it's suitable for gifts to your most important people.





Enjoy Furoshiki !!