"Momiji-gari" - Autumn Leaves Viewing

It is getting cooler in the morning and the night, since Ritto (立冬) on Nov 7th.

Ritto is the day when winter begins in the Lunar calendar.

We often listen reports on the weather news, such as the first cold winter wind - "Kogarashi ichigo", and the first snow of the season - "Hatsu Yuki".


Also, we enjoy "Momiji-gari", which is autumn leaves viewing in this season.

Maple leaves will have turned into a beautiful crimson.



This photo above is taken in "Kitano-tenmangu(北野天満宮)" which is shrine in Kyoto.


There are Furoshiki which we can image "Momiji" on our online shop.



Why don't you use this Furoshiki for wrapping lunch box or PET bottle when you go to see Autumn leaves?


Also, Furoshiki can wrap things such as a toilet paper (left side) or a box (right side).