Japanese Traditional Arts "Ukiyoe"

In Japan, we have "Bunka no Hi (文化の日)" - Culture day - on November 3rd.

It promotes an awareness of arts and sciences, and also gives thanks to those who have contributed to the advancement of culture.

Medals called "Bunka Kunsho" - the Order of Cultural Merit - are granted by the Japanese government to people who achived the significant, remarkable cultural results.

I want to introduce one of Japanese traditional culture, "Ukiyoe".


Ukiyoe is a style of wood-block printing developed during the Edo period. It depicts the Japanese landscape, the everyday life of commoners, Kabuki actors, Sumo wrestlers, and beautiful women.


We have lots kinds of Furoshiki, Bijin series.

For example...UKIYOE Tapestry YUMEBIJIN

UKIYOE Yumebijin.jpg

Of course, you can enjoy UKIYOE Furoshiki as not only a tapestry but other ways.

Next time, I will show you how to enjoy UKIYOE Furoshiki !