Furoshiki is Eco-friendly!

We can use Furoshiki on various ways, as many kinds of bags, as interior items, as wrapping something, etc...

That is because Furoshiki can be used over and over again.


Recently, using Furoshiki as an Eco-bag has become very populer.


I always bring a Furoshiki when I go to a library.

On the way to a library, Furoshiki is just a piece of fabric.



But on my way home, Furoshiki would transform to a useful bag which is called "Furoshiki bag-teardrop style" or simply "drop bag".



You can make it by just two "Hitotsu Musubi" and one "Ma Musubi".

Of course, I go to a supermarket taking a Furoshiki with me very often.


No Furoshiki No Life !!