Sport and Furoshiki

In October, it's getting cooler and we are begining to feel a hint of autumn.

Lots of sport events will be held in autumn.


The second Monday of October is called "Taiiku no Hi(体育の日)".

Sports day - when we promote mental and physical health of the people through the enjoyment of sports.

Originally, Sports Day was October 10th when it was established.

It is because it was the opening day of the Tokyo Olympics in 1964.


Now we introduce how to use Furoshiki on sports life.


Everyone takes water or something to drink during playing sport, right?

What do you say when you see someone bringing a bottle of water wrapped in Furoshiki?



Isn't it cute?

Around 45-52cm size Furoshiki is well-suited to use to wrap a PET bottle.

You can use Furoshiki not only to wrap a PET bottle but also any other sports items such as various sizes of balls, yoga mat, sportswear, and shoes etc...

Wrap your sports items in Furoshiki and bring them to the gym.

You think it's cool, don't you?


Also, you can bring lunch boxes on sports events with furoshiki wrapping like photo below.



Lets enjoy Furoshiki wrapping on sports season!