Otsukimi : A Moon Viewing Ceremony


We expect to enjoy "Otsukimi(お月見)", because the moon has become beautiful night by night in Japan.

Kanji character "月" means moon, and "見" means see or view.

"Otsukimi" is a moon viewing ceremony, and it is held at the night of full moon called "Jugo Ya" in mid-autumn.

We thank full moon that is lighting up until late night during harvest, and also we pray to it for a rich harvest.

We place pampas grass, rice dumplings, fruits, etc. as offerings to the moon.


We have some furoshiki which patterns are "Otsukimi".

SAIJIKI Normal Furoshiki JUGOYA

This furoshiki is used as wall hangings.

jugo ya.jpg

Enjoy japanese traditional event using furoshiki !!