Otsukimi : Rabbit

Today's theme is "Otsukimi" again. 

In Japan, it is said that rabbits are pounding steamed rice into cake on the full moon called "Jugo Ya".

It is because we see the full moon's surface looks like that.

There is a story like this.

When a rabbit met an old man downed by hunger, it burned itself, and gave itself to him.

The old man was Taisyakuten (a god of Brahmanism), and he sent that rabbit to the moon to convey to posterity the act of its dedication.

That is why, Japanese people remind rabbits in a full moon with "Otsukimi".


We have some furoshiki which patterns are rabbit.


Reversible Furoshiki USAGI


This furoshiki can be used as a bags or wrapping many stuffs, notebook computer and books etc...

Rabbit pattern was very populer in the exhibition in Las Vegas.

The below is universal furoshiki and rabbit doll.


usagi_lasvegas-thumb-200x149-116.jpgUniversal Furoshiki Rabbit

Doll Rabbit


Also, a piece of furoshiki can wrap round goods making a shape of rabbit !


Do you think they look cute, don't you?

Enjoy furoshiki and rabbits !