Keiro no Hi : Respect-for-Aged Day


2012-09-08 20.41.23.jpgIn Japan, it's getting cooler in the morning and night day by day.
The third Monday of September is "Keiro no Hi (敬老の日)", which is one of the Japanese national holidays.
Kanji character "敬" means respect, and "老" means elder.
We celebrate the elderly's long life on this day. Also, we greatful to the elderly for their contribution to society.


"Keiro no Hi" originates from "Shotoku Taishi (聖徳太子) tradition.

Shotoku Taishi built "Hidden Inn" which was a facility for taking care of erderly or people without relatives, when he had built Shitennoji In Osaka. Someone says the day when he built "Hidden Inn" become "Keiro no Hi".

Japanese people have had a custom for respecting and appreciating the elderly from since such an ancient time.
Why don't you present furoshiki for expressing your honor or gratitude to the elderly?
Or, it is good to use furoshiki for wrapping gifts to them.

We introduce "Shima"-patterned furoshiki.
"Shima" means like bamboo grow, means longevity and happiness.
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YUZENZOME Fuzzy Chief SHIMA (Photo on the left)

 YUZENZOME Normal Furoshiki SHIMAMOMEN (Photo on the right)