Enjoy Autumn Color Furoshiki !!

It has been hot and humid in japan.

September is called "Nagatsuki(長月)"on the luner calender.

Each kanji character means long(長), and moon or month(月).

Nights will become quieter and longer in autumn than in summer, and air will become clear.

The moon will appear the most finely in one year.

"Nagatsuki(長月)" express images of autumn nights in Japan.


Today's theme is "color of autumn".  

Why don't you try to use furoshiki that has image color of autumn?

We recommend using kinds of red, yellow and brown etc... which remind us of flowers and leaves on autumn.

In addition, the combination of violet and green has the image of quiet autumn.


We have many kinds of patterns and colors of reversible furoshiki.

Enjoy finding and using your favorite color and autumn color.

I like selecting the combination of my favorite color and autumn color.


The following are furoshiki that I pick from our online shop for this month.


CHIRIMEN Reversible Furoshiki SAMEKOMON



Golden brown / Vermillion


Reversible Furoshiki SAMEKOMON / MUJI



Violet / Green